About Us


So begins another perfect day of cycling around beautiful Melaque and Barra de Navidad…….

The Rental Bike Baron of Costalegre is a Mexicanamerian (Mexican, Canadian, American) owned business created for and used by local and International visitors between early November and mid April each year.

Mission Statement: To facilitate the highest level of joyful experiences for all visitors to the Pacific Ocean’s Costalegre area. To insure that a minimum of 90% of all bicycle rental revenue remains in Mexico, our host country and more specifically within the local communities..

Isla Navida SunriseOur Goal: To provide quality, affordable rental bicycles to our clients that meet their individual riding needs and skills and to ensure their comfort and safety.

To fulfill our mission and meet our goal, the Rental Bike Baron has a large inventory (30+) of mostly imported good quality bicycles in a large variety of brands, models, gear configurations and sizes.  We can accommodate riders whose last experience on a bike was 30 years ago to a present day cycle enthusiast interested in off road exploration.  We can also provide appropriate rides for both men and women from 1.47m (4’ 10”) to 1.96m (6’ 5”) tall.  In addition,  each bike includes a comprehensive accessory package consisting of:  locking mechanism, helmet, quick release seat, large rear cargo carrier, “green” shopping bag, reflective safety strips, navigational maps of the Melaque and Barra de Navidad areas and a safe cycling in Mexico guide.

Our Philosophy: Whereas most businesses measure success in terms of dollars or pesos, we are focused on the experience of sharing quality fun times with our riders.  In that way we can create healthy business and customer relationships that mirror the meaning of the Costalegre  (the Happy Coast) where we have come together.                                                  —  Ricardo Bici Baron  —